Mastic One Sealing

Mastic One Sealing is the optimal choice for addressing pavement distresses too large for traditional crack sealing but not extensive enough to warrant a full re-pavement. Mastic One is a hot-applied, pourable, and self-adhesive patching material engineered for the preservation, maintenance, and repair of asphalt and Portland cement concrete pavements, as well as bridge deck surfaces.

This versatile product is flexible, durable to support heavy loads, waterproof, bonds to AC & PCC pavement, and can last five years or longer. Its pre-measured packaging guarantees consistency and maximum performance without the need for on-site blending, making installation a breeze while reducing the need for extensive crew and equipment compared to traditional hot mix asphalt methods.

Mastic One Sealing is ideally suited for a variety of applications, from filling wide cracks and joints to pothole repair, sealing utility cuts, and leveling thermal cracks. Whether you’re addressing deteriorated longitudinal joints, skin patch repairs, or leveling bridge deck approaches, Mastic One is the reliable solution. Trust in Deep South Industrial Services to deliver high-quality, easy-to-install pavement solutions that stand the test of time.